About the Community Proposals category

Community Proposal

Put simply, this is an advanced suggestion section. We say “advanced” because unlike what you may find in other game suggestion sections, this section can and will have meaningful impacts on the game.

How does it work?
If you have an idea that you feel would be beneficial or simply just positive to Hash Rush, make a post here:

We’d advise you to put in as much detail as possible.

Once your post has been made, the community - and the Hash Rush team - have the opportunity to comment/discuss your suggestion.

Suggestions for the Game

At this point, the Hash Rush team will also give you vital feedback on whether or not the proposal is:

  1. Is compatible with the game’s design or not
  2. Already planned or not
  3. Is technically possible or not
  • In the case that it is not possible (game design or technically), an explanation of why will be given, and then you (the post starter) will have the opportunity to adjust the suggestion to make it work. If the feature is already planned, the team will provide information on when the feature is planned for.
  • In the case that the feature is planned already if there is a possibility for us to move the priority forward. For example, if it was planned for version 2.0, but we can move the development to 1.5, we will inform you and this can then be put to a vote as well.
  1. After the suggestion has been discussed, and provided that it is possible, the Hash Rush team will then create a vote in Snapshot. Anyone who has RUSH in their wallet will be able to vote on this proposal.
  2. If the proposal passes, it will be added to the Hash Rush development plan, and a special thread will be made that tracks the progress of the development of this feature.
  • Important: Hash Rush development is split into sprints of 3 months, as such plans are made at the end of each sprint. Therefore, initial development feedback can take up to 3 months, and actual work on the feature can take longer - depending on the size of the feature.

Non-game Suggestions

Suggestions that are not part of the game will be treated in a similar way to the game suggestions, however, the review from the team will be made from a perspective of “is this possible for the resources available to the team” rather than from a “can the game design support the idea”

Final Messages

Finally, we highly recommend that you read our quickstart guide here.