DAO Quickstart Guide


Before you jump in, there are a few things you should know.

  1. We’re a gaming community harnessing blockchain technology to address the inefficiencies in the gaming sector and create new opportunities for game developers and gamers alike.

  2. Our goal is to provide an inclusive space for constructive, long-term conversations between users. We expect everyone to treat others with kindness and respect. See our Code of Conduct

  3. Please keep your posts relevant to the topic at hand—if it’s not related to blockchain or gaming, it probably doesn’t belong here. We want this place to be a useful resource for everyone who wants to learn more about these topics! Want more clarification? See What Hash Rush DAO is not

  4. When you agree with a post, it’s best to use emojis to show such. This improves readability and makes your responses more contextual.

  5. The main criteria for publishing any proposal through official channels before finally making it to Snapshot depends on the support it receives from the community (also known as a soft vote). This is intended to ensure quality, reduce spam, and get the community involved in the decision-making process. Ready to start proposing? Here’s a Quick Checklist for Formulating DAO Proposals

  6. Proposals that have less than 5 responses or do not have enough community support will be archived after 4 weeks

  7. These policies will evolve over time as the DAO grows

With these out of the way, it’s time to lace up your boots and strap in for a bold new adventure!