Gib community custom maps permission

let community create their own map hehe

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In principle, this is something that doesn’t need to become a vote as it is within our plans already!
*By that I mean “giving the community the feature”

What the conversation can instead be is how important you/the community feels that this feature would be.

The core long-term priority list for us right now is something similar to this (in order):

  • New game mode (boss rush)
  • Level up system for heroes
  • Level up system for gear
  • Expansion to item crafting
  • New planets/maps/biomes/heroes
  • Next playable race
  • Map creation tool

Now, many of us here at Hash Rush are old-school RTS players, the games that came with map-creating tools, so we know that the feature can be very popular.

So, if you wish to adjust your proposal to increase the priority, we’d love to know what the arguments for and against are, and also how strongly the community feels about it.