Hash Rush v0.2.2 Update [30/09/2022]

What’s new?

  • Pathfinding fixes: Your units will no longer run amok the moment you tell them to attack, and flying units will no longer panic-spin on the spot. This fix includes fixes to the attack move behavior.
    Important: There is a known issue where units will scatter for 1-2s, however they then sort themselves out. We are working to fix this last issue.

  • Performance fixes: There were several situations that caused a dramatic drop in performance. Your game should now be stutter-free.

  • Units should no longer walk into non-walkable areas (such as cliffs) and should no longer walk through solid objects (such as rocks/walls).
    This is for both standard mode and Dungeon mode.

  • Increased the tower’s range enemy units should no longer outrange them.

  • Workers move to new nodes: if the node they are working on depletes, workers now move to the next node.
    There is a range to which the worker will move to the next one, so they will not walk across the map.

  • Dungeon Digital timer: Dungeons now have a digital timer and the analog bar has been removed.

  • Buildings vanish if destroyed: Main fix here is that the enemy buildings properly vanish when destroyed

  • Abilities for enemy units now have abilities and will use their abilities in combat.

  • New buff/debuffs activated: We’ve expanded on the buffs and debuffs, especially debuffs inflicted by enemy units.

  • A lot of VFX updates, including (but not limited to) dying animations, ability animation, and buff/debuff animations.

  • New player unit “Scout”: Early game unit, trainable in the voyager’s bastion and specializes in exploring.
    The stealth ability will be updated in the future.

  • New enemy unit “Grunt”

  • Balancing improvements (to both player and enemy units).

  • General fixes (icons, text, camera movement)

  • Improved enemy AI: the enemy AI has been improved and a tech tree has been implemented.
    This means that the enemy will not spam Wyverns in the first waves (as Wyverns require a specific tech level to unlock). Wyverns will only be used by the enemy after that tech level has been reached.


On crafting resources and Crystals
There were a few issues here and some of which have been fixed (so some crafting resources are saved, some are saved but not visible in-game, and some are broken). We expect to have this fixed very soon now, but we did not want to hold back the gameplay bug fixes any longer. I will be writing up a large explanation as to what went on here, ultimately, we thank everyone for the reports and testing, and it helped us identify and fix a few (very) important issues.

On Crafting
The holdup here is because we have been heavily improving the security around crafting, crafting resources, and the crafted items. While this means that we do need some more time to finalize this, it is hugely important for us to make things safe during the playtest!