Hash Rush v0.2.3 Update [14/10/2022]

The update version 0.2.3 includes:

New Feature: Crafting Hero Tokens

The hero crafting system has been implemented.
Crafting material and Crystals that players gain from playing the standard mode and dungeon modes are now saved.

New Feature: Buying Heroes with Hero Tokens

Players can now use the materials to craft Hero Tokens, the in-game currency needed to buy crafted heroes.

The new heroes are:

  1. Lear Ma-Koh (cost: 5 Hero tokens)
  2. Nyphol (cost: 5 Hero tokens)
  3. Bog (cost: 5 Hero tokens)
  4. Daerone (cost: 5 Hero tokens)
  5. Sarnack: (cost: 4 Hero tokens)

Hero Abilities

For a list of the hero abilities, please refer to this page:

Coming soon

  • The design hero event winner ‘Voltero’ has been added to the game and will go on sale via the Vorto store on Monday 17 October.

Bug Fixes

  • Resized non-mounted heroes so that they are easier to notice in-game.
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to pathfinding for both player and enemy units
  • Improvements made to the enemy AI in standard mode
  • Added first environmental effects that are unique to biomes
  • Updated the textures on various player and enemy buildings
  • Added initial environmental effects to unit abilities
  • Fixed an issue where workers could not operate well in small areas
  • Added new images to resources (cards), including a standard placeholder image for new/coming soon items.
  • Units now target buildings better
  • Fixed an issue where ranged units would not move to attack range when an attack command is given.
  • Crystals now save after a match has ended
  • Crafting Material now saves after a match has ended
  • Crafted Hero Tokens save
  • Equipment cores won from dungeons now save

Known Issues

  • - In dungeon mode, the upgrade for the Boulder Trogg causes the unit to be unable to attack
    - Please do not select the Boulder Trogg’s AOE upgrade in dungeon mode. A fix is being worked on.

    This issue was fixed before the update went live!

  • Occasionally, starting and ending a match (standard mode and dungeon mode) multiple times will result in serious degradation of the game’s performance.
    - This issue is being worked on, for now, if you are affected buy this bug (this issue seems to trigger at random) simply closing and restarting the client solves this.

  • Gear cannot be crafted yet
    - This is being worked on, however players can farm the materials needed.

  • Dropped gear from dungeon and standard mode will not save and cannot be used.
    - This issue is being worked on.