Select what Planet type the Hash Rush team should develop

Background Information

Every planet comes with the following:

  • Two biomes
  • Three standard maps per biome
  • One Titan (boss) map per biome
  • Two dungeons

Uniquely created environmental assets for each biome.

This is what you are voting on

Based on the descriptions provided below, which of these two planets would you prefer us to work on first:

  • Volcano Planet
  • Barren Planet

Volcano Planet Details

  • Lava Biome

Early comments from Game Designer

Lava worlds have a relatively limited palette, sticking mostly to reds and blacks to make up the lava and rocks. Very little survives in these worlds however there are few areas (surrounded mostly with rock) where some grass and trees will grow. This is where the bases will go. The rocks should be spikey and jagged to further push the idea that this is a very scary place.

For Terrain objects we should also include a lot of smoke plumes from lava and vents for solid objects and create a few new fire versions of plants and trees that look like they actually want to be in the biome

Walkable areas need to be made of rock while non walking areas are cooling magma (different colour, steaming), lava, mountains and chasms

Finally, we need to have a flowing lava texture to use with lava rivers and lava flowing out of mini volcanoes

The lava world will feature ancient buildings like other areas but they will be carved into the stone and away from the lava streams.

  • Mountain Biome

Early comments from Game Designer

Mountain Biomes, have a large variance in terrain as they have both lowlands (flat ish) to low mountains and finally high peaks.

Lowlands for a mountain are still very high in altitude, so while it is more green, it’s still only populated by very hardy plants and grasses like heathers. Plants are either very low to the ground (shrubs) or clustered in packs for survival. Still water is only found on the lowlands as higher up the water is always in motion via rivers or waterfalls.

Middle height has significantly less flora on it and is mostly made of rock, boulders and loose stone. What little grows here is either trees or other plants tucked in around the rocks. This area will feature small clumps of snow to show the higher altitude.

The highest altitudes will need to have trees for gameplay reasons but they should only be near the bases. Highest altitudes will only have plateaus for bases, everything else will be a ramp or other steep slope.

Mountains will have ancient buildings but they will only be at the highest altitudes, featuring lots of balconies and towers

We can also experiment with floating rocks in certain areas, though this would be a feature piece and Players would not be able to walk through it, only fly.


Barren Planet

  • Desert

Early comments from Game Designer

Desert biomes are accurate to real-world deserts and the wood sources will be very limited, and will be very flat. However, occasional spires (cannot be walked onj) and plateaus (can be walked on) break up the monotony of the flat lands.

The land will be a combination of dry/broken brown(ish) cracked rocks, with yellow sand in locations. Foral and fauna would be minimal but focused on cactus, and brown/woody shrubs.

One of the three maps should be uniquely designed to feature a central oasis in the middle of a cliff/canyon system. The outer edges would have the typical desert map features, but as the player moves to the middle, they encounter maze-like cliffs (restricting pathways to choke points), and ultimately leading to a central, resource-rich (largeish) lake that features a lot of green environmental assets.

Ancient buildings/enemy camps can be found on plateaus and in cliff/maze systems, and like with the Mountain biome, we can experiment with floating rocks.

  • Windswept Crags

The Windswept Crags is a biome that features low wood (but higher than desert), and the environment is dominated by open green-and-rocky areas, as well as high cliffs. A unique wind mechanic is planned for maps of this biome, this mechanic will literally blow units off a cliff (to their death) if the unit walks too close to the edge of the cliff.

Generally, the biome is rather barren, however, the rocky features will create a type of labyrinth, with some areas accessible, others not. What’s more, the rocky features will be much lower, (think elevations 1 and 2 primarily) and the accessibility of areas dominated by these rock/cliffs will be camouflaged, forcing the player to focus on the terrain much more.

Trees should in general be located at the bases of cliffs/rocks, as the lore would state that the “wind” is stronger in the high areas, limiting the growth of trees.

Please do discuss these planets, and ask any questions that you have!

The link to the vote will be created and shared soon.